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The Border

Every portal page contains a blue border around the outside edge. After you login, the top border will always display your name along with two clickable links. Clicking on the Personal Info will let you view and update your personal information. Click the Logout link to exit your personal portal.

The Tabs

Beneath the top border is a list of tabs. Every portal user will see the HOME tab and, once you login, the MY PAGES tab. Other tabs that provide meaningful information for you will also be displayed along side those. Look now at the tabs and you will see that the HOME tab is highlighted in green to indicate that you are currently in the HOME tab.

The Pages

Each tab will have a set of one or more pages that provide relevant information. Those pages are listed along the left side of the window beneath the MVNU logo and the current tab name. Look now at the upper left of this window. You will find that HOME is displayed beneath the logo followed by the page name Welcome to myMVNU. This is highlighted in green to indicate that you are currently viewing that page. Under the page name is the list of sections that you can see on this page.

The Bread Crumbs

If you ever lose your way in the portal then you may want to use the bread crumbs to find your way out. The bread crumbs are located at the top center of each window just to the right of the MVNU logo. They appear right after the "You are here: " words. Look now at the bread crumbs and you will see Welcome to myMVNU . This indicates that you are on the "Welcome to myMVNU" page in the HOME tab. Click on that link to refresh this page. You can't tell it in this tab but in tabs that have multiple pages, clicking on the tab name will always return you to the initial page that is displayed when you first enter a tab.

The Back Button

Pressing your browser's Back button while viewing your portal can sometimes cause a message similar to the following to appear:
The page you are trying to view contains POSTDATA that has expired from cache...
To avoid this message use the tabs, bread crumbs, and other links built into the portal. Secondary windows that the portal will open when you click some links, do not have this problem.  For those windows the Back button will work fine.